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Mandarin forms part of our curriculum and is taught weekly in all classes by our specialist Mandarin teacher, Susie Liu. We also celebrate Chinese festivals, such as Chinese New Year and offer a special food menu and activities on that day.

Below is an outline of topics covered in each year group.

Year Topics
Reception Family, pets, Numbers, Colours, Fruits, Snacks, body parts, and Hobbies  

Year 1

Food and drinks, Farm animals, Pets, Sports meet, Transports, Family, and Clothing.
Year 2 Days of the week, Names, Family members, Radical, Body parts, Numbers, and Transports.
Year 3 Countries and Nationalities, Days of the week, Vegetables, Radicals, strokes, and Transports.


The following are online resources fo you to help support your child at home.


This is a Mandarin account exclusively for our school. When clicking the direct link above, you will find 4 folders that containing vocabulary for YR, Y1, Y2 and Y3. For each set of words, it comes with English and Mandarin pronunciation, flash cards, games, as well as other activities. Great resource for student of any age!

  1. Learn Chinese Characters with Videos.
  1. Learn Chinese with games.

This website offers vocabulary words for different topics like colors or family words. Each word also comes with pronunciation. There are also games and videos to watch. Especially good for young learners.

This website has interactive learning and games for learning Chinese.

This website offers games for kids to play in Chinese in various subjects such as fruits, vegetables, and months etc.

This website is technically not a game page, but it has a good number of vocabulary separated into categories with audio. Pressing on a character or a picture to hear the sound can certainly be made into a game.


  1. Learn Chinese Songs.

Here are selections of the most popular Children Songs and rhymes in China. Some even comes with English and Pinyin lyrics.


  1. Online learning tools.
  • MDBG Online Dictionary

This online dictionary helps to show information about all characters in a word. Listen to the pronunciation and show example sentences.


This is so simple and easy. Just type or copy a Chinese character into the blank box and watch the word come alive stroke by stroke.