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Our Future School


The Education Funding Agency (“EFA”) has completed the purchase of the old Hampstead Police Station, just a little further up the road on Rosslyn Hill, as Abacus’s permanent home!

It is a truly beautiful, complicated, rabbit warren of a building and we are humbled that it has been made available to our school. It is grade II listed which means it will need careful conversion and preservation to turn it into a school. It will retain the beautiful façade you can see from both sides. The conversion will take time and so it will be a while before we are able to move in. In the meantime we currently reside in our wonderful, temporary home on Camley Street.

School Buses

Whilst we are located in Camley Street, we are offering a bus service every morning and afternoon. Currently, we offer 2 pick up locations in catchment locations (Belsize Park Library, Antrim gardens and the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre in Swiss cottage) which opens from 8am each morning as a drop off facility for parents. Children are supervised by Abacus staff at these locations and the school bus service collects from here and transports children to the new school site on Camley Street. These buses are staffed by Abacus.

Each class teacher is in catchment once a week to allow parents to talk on a regular basis about student progress. The Headteacher and Deputy Head are also in catchment 1 or 2 times a week to meet and talk.

The bus service is offered free of charge and is a booked service with some flexibility for families who would like to bring their child to school themselves.